„Love alone understands the secret of giving presents to others
and so enriching itself.“

Posted by Clemens Brentano

Tresor 1934: Jewellery for your extra special treasure!

In love, engaged or married: A traditional proposal is a romantic custom which never goes out of fashion and hits you directly in the heart now as it did centuries ago. Getting down on one knee, a deep look into the eyes – and then, after the question of all questions, you slide a sparkling engagement ring onto her finger: Of course an ecstatic “yes” will be the answer! Is there anything more beautiful than declaring your love for that special someone with an engagement ring in public?

The jewellery manufacturer Tresor 1934 is a specialist in producing top-quality engagement rings and enchanting wedding jewellery. Ultimately the fitting jewellery is an integral part of a special occasion. As well as engagement rings, wedding jewellery looks back on a long tradition. In the Middle Ages, brides were often only adorned with myrtle wreaths; today the enchanting creations from Tresor 1934 give bridal wear a festive finish and help to make the happy bride to sparkle even a little more!

A wedding is an unforgettable event for each married couple and every bride wants to draw admiring looks onto her on this day. Wedding jewellery is an important accessoire and forms the crowning glory of a stylish appearance. Discover Tresor 1934 fine necklaces and enchanting earrings which add the finishing touch to any wedding dress.

The label Tresor 1934 was – as the name suggests – founded in 1934 and stands for top quality: The experienced goldsmiths use real 925 sterling silver exclusively to make their irresistible romantic works of art. The solitaire rings are discreet and elegant simultaneously – whether rhodium-plated for a sparling white gold look, yellow gold plated for fans of the classical gold look or finished with feminine rose gold: It can be virtually guaranteed that the shade to melt your lady’s heart will be amongst those available. And thanks to our extensive selection of ring sizes, you are guaranteed to find the ring with the perfect fit.

To ensure that the jewellery sparkles in the eyes of your beloved, exclusive zirkonia stones set magnificent sparkling accents: A complex, sparkling cut of 57 facets makes this sophisticatedly produced zirconia a real eye catcher which cannot be distinguished from a real diamond with the naked eye. Each individual stone is precisely hand-set, each piece is checked that it meets certain quality criteria before dispatch. Only pieces which meet the high standards of Tresor 1934 leave our houses in top-quality present boxes.

Tresor 1934: Charming jewellery for the most beautiful day in your life.